An interview with Jaiveer Singh, VP of Technology at DBS Bank(Singapore)

Tell us a little bit about yourself, and how you got into the banking industry. During my school days, I was a student of commerce & finance stream, while studying for ICWAI course. I heard about computers in the early 90s and felt this is something that might redefine how business & life will be conducted in the future. So I joined a computer [...]

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Interview with Rick Smolan on ‘The Human Face of Big Data’

Manu: Rick, can you tell us a bit about yourself?  I saw in your TED talk that you used to be a photo journalist, so how did you get started on this journey? Rick Smolan: [...]

Why Multi-Touch Attribution is critical to calculate marketing ROI

Datalicious analyzed 702 million media touch points across 104 million purchase paths and 75 thousand conversions across 5 months and 7 brands using multi- touch attribution [...]

The Masters of Big Data – Interviews with five big data experts in banking

For decades now, banks have been able to retain their customers through traditional channels. However, recent shifts in the industry are threatening this historically stable [...]

In conversation with Tim Kobe, the iconic designer behind the original Apple Stores

Manu: Tell us a little about yourself, outside of the information that is publicly available online? Tim:  I am from California. I got started in business [...]

“We’re witnessing the creative destruction of financial services.” says banking expert, Arvind Sankaran

I recently interviewed Arvind Sankaran, Global business leader. We talked about FinTech startups, innovation in the banking industry, big data analytics,  and wealth [...]

How to run Linear regression in Python scikit-Learn

You know that linear regression is a popular technique and you might as well seen the mathematical equation of linear regression. But do you know how to [...]

Get the stats! On customer experience, mobile banking, personalization and big data for banks

Technologies like big data analytics, digital personalization, and marketing tech have gone from early-adopter novelties, to main stream essentials. It’s therefore no secret [...]

K-Nearest Neighbors and curse of dimensionality in python Scikit-Learn

What is K nearest neighbors(KNN)?  KNN is one of the simplest machine learning algorithm and it is a lazy algorithm, as it doesn’t run computations on a data set until [...]

How to scrape data from web using python

Can you guess a simple way you can get data from a web page? It’s through a technique called web scraping. In case you are not familiar with web scraping, here is an [...]

Dealing with Unbalanced Class, SVM, Random Forest and Decision Tree in Python

So far I have talked about decision trees and ensembles. But I hope, I have made you understand the logic behind these concepts without getting too much into the [...]