Month: May 2015

Possibly the simplest way to explain K-Means algorithm

Clustering is a technique for finding similarity groups in a data, called clusters. It attempts to group individuals in a population together by similarity, [...]

What everybody ought to know about a Data Scientist

A few years ago, The Harvard Business Review hailed the role of data scientist “The sexiest job of the 21st century”. But do you know what it means to be a [...]

Decoding Dimensionality Reduction, PCA and SVD

Every day IBM creates 2.5 quintillion bytes of data and most of the  data generated are high dimensional. So it is necessary to reduce the dimensions of the [...]

5 amazingly powerful Python libraries for Data Science

Have you decided to learn Python as your programming language? Then you should definitely know the different types of Python libraries to perform data [...]

Review of top 10 online Data Science courses

As more and more of life’s day-to-day work and personal activities are being simplified by Big Data technologies, the need for data scientists has [...]