Machine Learning

How to run Linear regression in Python scikit-Learn

You know that linear regression is a popular technique and you might as well seen the mathematical equation of linear regression. But do you [...]

K-Nearest Neighbors and curse of dimensionality in python Scikit-Learn

What is K nearest neighbors(KNN)?  KNN is one of the simplest machine learning algorithm and it is a lazy algorithm, as it doesn’t run computations on a [...]

Dealing with Unbalanced Class, SVM, Random Forest and Decision Tree in Python

So far I have talked about decision trees and ensembles. But I hope, I have made you understand the logic behind these concepts without getting too much [...]

Gartner predicts five big data trends that will dominate 2016

Gartner has predicted 5 strategic technologies for 2016. Highlights include, the importance of machine learning, artificial intelligence, the Internet of [...]

Interview with Computer Vision expert Adrian Rosebrock

Adrian Rosebrock is an entrepreneur, computer vision expert and Ph.D, who launched two successful image search engines: ID My Pill – an iPhone app and API [...]

I thought of sharing seven simple Machine Learning concepts

It’s hard not to be fascinated by machine learning. It is overwhelmingly powerful. As former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer says, it is going to be the next era [...]

Possibly the simplest way to explain K-Means algorithm

Clustering is a technique for finding similarity groups in a data, called clusters. It attempts to group individuals in a population together by similarity, [...]

Decoding Dimensionality Reduction, PCA and SVD

Every day IBM creates 2.5 quintillion bytes of data and most of the  data generated are high dimensional. So it is necessary to reduce the dimensions of the [...]